Thursday, 14 June 2012

ever watched. Except Toy Story - jemimah

english blogger Introduction की श्रंखला में आज फ़िर मिलिये । इनका शुभ नाम है - जेमिमा डले । और इनकी Industry है - Student और इनका Occupation है - Professional Green Grocer और इनकी Location है - Dorset, United Kingdom जेमिमा अपने Introduction में कहती हैं - I often find About Me's are too long. और इनका Interests है - Languages, travelling, interesting people. और इनकी Favourite Films हैं - The moment I get asked, "Favourite films", is coincidentally the exact same moment as I forget the name and storyline of every single film I've ever watched. Except Toy Story. That's a good film. और इनका Favourite Music है -  Jamiroquai, The Lonely Island, Lily Allen, Marina and the Diamonds. और इनकी Favourite Books है - The Famous Five were pretty damn awesome. और इनका ब्लाग है - A collection of things I shouldn't say out loud. इनके ब्लाग पर जाने के लिये क्लिक करें ।

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